So Cruel

Young Africans,
So free, so kind
Suddenly kidnapped,
No longer free of mind
So cruel, so cruel

They are taken away,
To be traded as property
They can tell now,
That they are no longer free
So cruel, so cruel

Traded to sailors,
Taken to the Middle Passage, now
Their old lives of freedom
Are nowhere to be found
So cruel, so cruel

So Cruel

Treated like animals
Creatures with no free will
They cannot do anything,
Not even eat their fill
So cruel, so cruel

Finally on land again,
Half dead, half barely alive
These poor men and women
Will never again strive
So cruel, so cruel

Taken to the market,
Sold as simple slaves,
Servants cruelly treated,
And home they truly crave
So cruel, so cruel

But these cravings will never Continue reading