People and the Elements

Fire, water, wind and earth
These four elements we all know
Come together in perfect harmony
Create this environment we all live in

But do they work perfectly together all the time?
Throw the four into a pot together
And watch what happens
Water boils and becomes steam

Earth becomes mud
Fire is blown out
Wind becomes carries these things
Wherever it goes

The Four Elements

Elements are like people
Apart they make sense
Yet put them together and they change
Changes they don’t want

They quarrel, they fight
Sometimes think they’ve come out on top
But deep down they know
No one has won, all has changed


The elements can get along, and do
Water and earth should make mud
But when combined in just the right way
They can make a seed become a tree

And fire from the sun heats that tree
Makes it grow to its maximum potential
And the wind carries the tree’s offspring
So it can make new generations and live on after death

All four elements have combined
And they have created a beauty of nature
Together, they should destroy each other
But with just the right circumstances, the right oppurtunities…

They work.

Humans are like the elements
Together, without refinement, they fight
They fight for no reason
They fight and change all they hold true

But if they do it just right
Think their actions through
No war, no fighting, only politely
Helping each other to make something new

Combine like elements do in nature
Make way only for a brand new tree
Carefully, thoughtfully, working together
They can set each other free

Humans are the elements
By instinct, they fight and destroy
But with the right thought
With the right actions…

They can create a tree.

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