The World if Animals Could Talk

Lion PortraitAnimals are a very influential part of our society. In a good deal of households around the world, people keep animals as pets. They can also be found in the wild, from land to the ocean. If these creatures could talk, the world would be very different, as the basic speech barrier would be shattered! Let’s give this some straight up thought, though – how would the world be different if animals could talk?

First off, let’s start with pets. I have some experience with this, as a bit earlier in my young writer career, I wrote the article, What’s Inside the Heads of Pets? My answers varied from pet to pet, but generally speaking, I think that we would have much more relatable companions if these animals could talk, which could be better or worse. Some, such as cats, may even end up wanting the same sort of freedom we have, which could change the way we think of pets forever.

As for the animals on land, if they could talk, things would be even more different. The food chain would likely be affected, and may act more like a political system, with the creatures talking among themselves and forming alliances to go to a sort of war. Maybe they would even work with humans in their war. Also, animal rights groups would be inspired to protect many more species, as they would be able to voice their complaints about being hunted and killed. In fact, human morals could change the way the entire human race lives!

Finally, let’s discuss what would happen if animals in the ocean could talk. They would have many of the same issues as land animals, but with a few special cases. For starters, perhaps they could help humans learn more about the mysterious ocean. We would learn many more oceanic secrets. In addition, they would create relations with land animals and humans not even possible before, which would significantly change the way the world is perceived. Finally, considering how very, very vast the ocean is, our society of intelligent beings would be infinitely larger.

I think the world would be completely different if animals could talk. With all the different categories animals fit in, our idea of societal morals, and, well, just about everything would change forever. This, of course, is my opinion, but it’s time for you to speak. How do you think the world would be different if animals could talk? Think about it and leave an answer in the comments. I love to hear from you!

Lion Portrait by Petr Kratochvil

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One Response to The World if Animals Could Talk

  1. Donald Sutherland says:

    If Animals Could Talk.

    What could they say? I am the King of the Jungle. I could kill you with a single swipe of my claws. How would you like me to eat you, or to farm you for food? Do you have any idea how that might feel to you? Would you be afraid for your life every day, every hour, every minute?

    It would be a different perspective, wouldn’t it?

    I hunted for deer with my Dad when I was 15 years old. He shot a buck with antlers, and it dropped like a rock. Some how it was still alive and he told me to take his hunting knife and slit the deers throat. I did what I was told. The buck looked me directly in the eye as I was cutting it’s throat. I felt there was intelligence there and I had just killed this beautiful creation, with my own actions.

    I decided then and there that I would never kill another animal by force again. From that day to this I go out of my way to avoid harming even the smallest of creatures. I seem to have no problem killing and disposing of spiders, but if they could talk, most likely that would change as well…

    I feel/think everything has an intellect. No matter the size or if it is beautiful or ugly. We humans think we are the smarter of the creatures that inhabit this planet. What if we got it all wrong? What if we really aren’t smarter, what if we are just craftier? We can invent things to assist us to kill other sentient beings, for sport. For the sheer JOY of it. For the pleasure of out foxing the fox. Who really is the more intelligent? Us or the others?

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