What’s Inside the Heads of Pets?

What's Inside The Heads Of PetsHave you ever wondered what was going through the head of your beloved dog or cat or hamster or bird or fish? I have. My cat, Sparkle, acts so peculiar some times. So, I decided to make an article about what pets could be thinking.

First off, I’ll talk about the pet most of you likely have – dogs. Dogs are the most social of pets, always right by their owners’ sides. From this, you can tell that all dogs really think about is protecting you. Even the small dogs, I think. You probably know that small and large dogs both bark Continue reading

The Seventh Tower: The Fall Review

7th TowerHey, everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing The Seventh Tower: The Fall, by Garth Nix. A story of magic and shadows, this book quickly became a favorite of my collection. Here, I’ll detail the plot, and why, in general, I like the book.

The story follows Tal, a young Chosen just short of thirteen and three quarters, the age when the Day of Ascension takes place and he can enter the spirit world of Aenir and get his own Spiritshadow. But there’s one problem – a Primary Sunstone is needed to go there, and he doesn’t have one! The only one of his Continue reading