Was Lincoln Morally Right?

lincolnAbraham Lincoln has taken a place in the side of history the United States is more proud of, earning his spot on both the penny and the five dollar bill. However, one question that seems to be rarely asked about him is whether his actions were actually right, even if they did have relatively good outcomes. At first glance, it seems preposterous to even question him, but when you take a closer look at the Constitution and what he actually did, it makes a person start to question him.  The Constitution says that states have the right to secede, yet when they did, Lincoln took them back by brute force. On the other hand, he freed the slaves, which was far beyond righteous. This is a moral conflict in my mind: Was Lincoln right?

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The World if Animals Could Talk

Lion PortraitAnimals are a very influential part of our society. In a good deal of households around the world, people keep animals as pets. They can also be found in the wild, from land to the ocean. If these creatures could talk, the world would be very different, as the basic speech barrier would be shattered! Let’s give this some straight up thought, though – how would the world be different if animals could talk?

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National Cheese Pizza Day

This is probably the weirdest subject I’ve ever written about… I love it! September 5th was National Cheese Pizza Day, so I thought I’d talk about that. Cheese pizza is the favorite kind of pizza to a whole lot of people, and many of them prefer certain places to eat cheese pizza than others. I’m one of the cheese pizza fans, and I’m sure many of you are as well. So sit back and let’s jump into this.
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Owning a Beagle Puppy

Beagle PuppyDogs are excellent animals – loyal, kind, smart, and friendly. I picked up a beagle of my own a few weeks ago and named him Odie (short for the very awesome name Odysseus Maximus). I got him at eight weeks old, only a puppy, and I can’t say he hasn’t been a handful. I wanted to write a review on owning a puppy of the beagle breed so that I could express my feelings of getting the dog and help those of you who are considering getting your own beagle puppy make a decision. So take a look at my own Continue reading

Why I’m Grateful to Live in America

We just had the Fourth of July, and that has inspired me to think about what makes me grateful to live here in the United States of America. I found that once you think it over, there is plenty of reason to feel that way. I thought I would share with you the two main reasons I am grateful. America has its faults, but it is a proud and wonderful country, and I’m glad I live here.

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Do Aliens Exist? If So, What Are They Like?

Since the beginning of history, I believe, mankind has struggled with the question: Are we alone in the universe? I think that the plain answer to that question is an almost definite “no.” I do believe in aliens. However, I don’t believe in the little green men you see walking around in old cartoons! I think that alien life is quite different than our own. So it’s time to sit down and think of this – who else is there in the universe?

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My Favorite Teacher

My Favorite TeacherI like to believe that every student has his or her favorite teacher, and I am no exception. My favorite teacher is “Ms. T,” my science teacher. She is always kind and mellow, yet firm and makes sure that students know what they are doing. I dedicate this article to you, Ms. T.

First of all, Ms. T is sweet and mellow. I have met a lot of teachers who were mean and unkind to their students. Ms. T is nothing like that. She always shows us the utmost respect, no matter what. Ms. T treats us like individuals, and takes Continue reading

How Important is School?

The answer: very, and for multiple reasons. Now if you’re sitting at home, shrugging this off, and thinking, “School isn’t that important,” then you are completely wrong. And the whole purpose of this article is to tell you why.

First, and most importantly, school gives you a great education. Say you wanted to be a doctor, but you didn’t even know how to read or write. Do you really think you’d get the job? The answer is no, and the answer will be the same in just about any line of work.

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How to Stop Bullying

How To Stop BullyingIt’s time we stopped bullying – together, as one. There are different steps to doing this, in a particular order. I’m going to give them to you. Now, I know that you’re thinking that these won’t work, because nothing else had. But when a bully’s annoying me, this is what I do, and it works! And if we all do this, then eventually, hopefully, bullying will go away forever. Here are my steps:

First, ask them nicely to stop. If this step works, then the person probably wasn’t bullying you at all, just playfully teasing. If they know you don’t like it, Continue reading