If I Were On A Deserted Island…

If I were on a deserted island, and I could bring five things, what would I bring? I don't know about you, but here's what I would take. First of all, a fishing pole. I mean, sure, a bag of food is a good idea, but what if you ran out? I'd rather live on fish then eventually starve! I'd also want to bring a machine that can turn salt water into drinking water (yes, they exist!). That way, instead of eventually running out of water and dying of thirst, I'd be able to live off of ocean water! Probably the better strategy, huh? I'd also want a large, water-proof tent, for shelter. On clear nights, it's okay to sleep under the stars, but I don't want to get drenched in my sleep!

So now I'm up to my fourth item. Now, this is absolutely necessary… a huge, multicolored flare light! I probably wouldn't be able to signal anyone on the mainland, but if I get lucky enough to see a helicopter or plane overhead, this is sure to get its attention! Hopefully, the light wouldn't run on double A's… I'd be out of power in two minutes! In other words, that light should have plenty of power if I'm going to use it!

One last item, after this, nothing else! I'd have to take something to entertain myself, so I don't die of boredom (HUGE risk!). I'm going to have to choose none other than a book! I just hope that it's a very good, long book, because I go through books like a tornado! Hopefully, I could even take a whole series!

Well, there you go, five items for me to survive for who knows how long on a deserted island. Now only one question remains… what items would YOU choose?

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