What are Babies Thinking?

Baby ThinkingHave you ever wondered what goes through the heads of babies? I certainly have. My baby sister is three and a half, and since she was born, I have wondered what she’d think in different stages of her life. This is what I have guessed.

Newborns are most likely taking everything in. Everything is new to them, and they have to guess about what things are, with no reference point. By that I mean, when older people see things new, they guess what it is by past things they’ve learned and seen. Babies can’t do that, as they whole world is new to them. They have to set up a very different mindset, and their guesses to what things are can be off by a longshot.

When babies get into their toddler years, they begin to put their newfound knowledge to the test. They begin making more educated guesses, like older kids. This is when they really become a little person. However, emphasis is to be put on “little” as they are still young and confused, and can be hurt easily. Even in toddler years, kids need guidance from their parents.

Finally, when toddlers reach even older years, like perhaps four or five, that is when their reasoning capacity is truly developing. They go to school and finish learning independence, which they started as toddlers. They have had many experiences and are able to interpret things as older people might. They can take on new challenges on their own, and thus are truly on the path to full maturity.

There you go. That is what I think goes through young peoples’ heads. But this is only what I think. The question is on you now – what do you think babies think?

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