The Truth about the Truth

The TruthWhat if you told the absolute truth all day? Would things be perfect? Or would there be something else to get in the way of perfection? People lie often. But is this entirely bad… or good in some ways?

Parents often tell their children white lies to make them feel better about things. For instance, after a parent has a bad divorce, they will likely be upset. They will, however, tell their children that everything will be fine and go back to normal. Obviously, normality is likely out of reach after a divorce. The parent just tells the child so he or she will feel better. Take this into consideration. A lie… making someone feel better? If you are a parent, would it be for better or worse to stop lying?

Same for your friends asking you for your opinion. Say your friend bought a new pair of shoes, or maybe a shirt, or anything of the sort, and found it absolutely hideous. Say the friend asks you how it looks. Not wanting to hurt their feelings, you will likely say, “Great!” Another lie. Would truth make the world better or worse?

The answer is better. Little children, despite their youth, must know what is going on. The parent should simply say, “Things are going to be different, but you’ll still get to see both Mommy and Daddy.” That way, the child knows that there will be differences without getting upset.

For the other situation, do not insult the friend, simply give some constructive criticism. Say, perhaps, “I don’t think that looks very nice, honestly. Maybe you should try another?” That way, the friend is not upset and you are giving your honest opinion. If they are upset, it’s their own fault, because they were the one who asked for your opinion.

So after all, lies are bad for people. Truth is good – if you know how to use it correctly. Try these tips out and maybe you can challenge yourself to go a whole day without lying. Go for it!

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