My Favorite Teacher

My Favorite TeacherI like to believe that every student has his or her favorite teacher, and I am no exception. My favorite teacher is “Ms. T,” my science teacher. She is always kind and mellow, yet firm and makes sure that students know what they are doing. I dedicate this article to you, Ms. T.

First of all, Ms. T is sweet and mellow. I have met a lot of teachers who were mean and unkind to their students. Ms. T is nothing like that. She always shows us the utmost respect, no matter what. Ms. T treats us like individuals, and takes pride in her job. If you ask me, being kind is a huge part of a teacher’s job. Ms. T has more than fulfilled that part of the job.

Also, Ms. T is firm. She makes sure that students know what they need to know. If somebody fails a test, what does she do? She goes over it with them, and makes sure that those people are knowledgeable when she’s done. She will always help us students, to as much extent as she is able. Ms. T will not let a single person go untaught, and that is the most important part of teaching.

As I have said, I love Ms. T. She is a great teacher, and no matter what is always there for us. But all of that aside, I want to hear from you. Who is your favorite teacher? Why? Think about it and tell me in the comments. I love to hear from you.

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