How to Stop Bullying

How To Stop BullyingIt’s time we stopped bullying – together, as one. There are different steps to doing this, in a particular order. I’m going to give them to you. Now, I know that you’re thinking that these won’t work, because nothing else had. But when a bully’s annoying me, this is what I do, and it works! And if we all do this, then eventually, hopefully, bullying will go away forever. Here are my steps:

First, ask them nicely to stop. If this step works, then the person probably wasn’t bullying you at all, just playfully teasing. If they know you don’t like it, Continue reading


Why is it so important to respect other peoples’ differences? This is a very important subject, because respecting differences is very important in life. That is why I decided to write this article, so pay close attention and don’t hit that red X!

First of all, minor differences, like skin color. When it comes to this, it’s less of a matter of respect and more of a matter of not showing disrespect. You can’t disrespect someone just because of another skin color, although that’s exactly what they did in the past and still do in other countries. These differences should be disregarded, Continue reading

The 39 Clues Book review

39 CluesLooking for a new series of books? I know the perfect series! It’s called The 39 Clues and it had me captivated from minute one. The series features an amazing adventure-mystery plot with an interesting twist… each book is written by a different author! It’s really fun to identify the different writing styles, and how it all comes together into a single series. Get ready to hear all about these amazing books!

The plot revolves around Amy and her little brother Dan. They live with their cruel Aunt Beatrice, since there parents died in a fire several years ago. They used to Continue reading

The Smurfs Movie Review

The SmurfsIt’s a true blue world! It’s a once in a blue moon experience when the smurfs invade the present day world with their brand new live-action movie! This unique movie features the smurfs’ adventures in a totally new setting… New York!

It’s time for the blue moon festival in the smurf village and everyone is rehearsing. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf uses magic to look into the future, in which Clumsy Smurf accidentally gets everyone trapped by the evil wizard Gargamel! He’s horrified, but can’t bring himself to tell the village smurfs about the vision. That night, Gargamel shows up and chases off the Continue reading

What’s Inside the Heads of Pets?

What's Inside The Heads Of PetsHave you ever wondered what was going through the head of your beloved dog or cat or hamster or bird or fish? I have. My cat, Sparkle, acts so peculiar some times. So, I decided to make an article about what pets could be thinking.

First off, I’ll talk about the pet most of you likely have – dogs. Dogs are the most social of pets, always right by their owners’ sides. From this, you can tell that all dogs really think about is protecting you. Even the small dogs, I think. You probably know that small and large dogs both bark Continue reading

The Seventh Tower: The Fall Review

7th TowerHey, everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing The Seventh Tower: The Fall, by Garth Nix. A story of magic and shadows, this book quickly became a favorite of my collection. Here, I’ll detail the plot, and why, in general, I like the book.

The story follows Tal, a young Chosen just short of thirteen and three quarters, the age when the Day of Ascension takes place and he can enter the spirit world of Aenir and get his own Spiritshadow. But there’s one problem – a Primary Sunstone is needed to go there, and he doesn’t have one! The only one of his Continue reading

The Truth about the Truth

The TruthWhat if you told the absolute truth all day? Would things be perfect? Or would there be something else to get in the way of perfection? People lie often. But is this entirely bad… or good in some ways?

Parents often tell their children white lies to make them feel better about things. For instance, after a parent has a bad divorce, they will likely be upset. They will, however, tell their children that everything will be fine and go back to normal. Obviously, normality is likely out of reach after a divorce. The parent just tells the child so he or Continue reading

Fablehaven Book Review

FablehavenI recently read a fabulous book series titled Fablehaven. It is a five book series and I think anyone would enjoy reading it. It is by Brandon Mull and the first book is titled simply Fablehaven. The rest are, in order, Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star, Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague, Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, and Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison.

The story follows brother and sister Seth and Kendra Sorenson. They visit their grandparents’ house only to discover that it and its surrounding land is a secret preserve for animals so near extinct that humans now Continue reading

What are Babies Thinking?

Baby ThinkingHave you ever wondered what goes through the heads of babies? I certainly have. My baby sister is three and a half, and since she was born, I have wondered what she’d think in different stages of her life. This is what I have guessed.

Newborns are most likely taking everything in. Everything is new to them, and they have to guess about what things are, with no reference point. By that I mean, when older people see things new, they guess what it is by past things they’ve learned and seen. Babies can’t do that, as they whole world is new Continue reading

If I Were On A Deserted Island…

If I were on a deserted island, and I could bring five things, what would I bring? I don't know about you, but here's what I would take. First of all, a fishing pole. I mean, sure, a bag of food is a good idea, but what if you ran out? I'd rather live on fish then eventually starve! I'd also want to bring a machine that can turn salt water into drinking water (yes, they exist!). That way, instead of eventually running out of water and dying of thirst, I'd be able to live off of ocean water! Probably the Continue reading