Why I’m Grateful to Live in America

We just had the Fourth of July, and that has inspired me to think about what makes me grateful to live here in the United States of America. I found that once you think it over, there is plenty of reason to feel that way. I thought I would share with you the two main reasons I am grateful. America has its faults, but it is a proud and wonderful country, and I’m glad I live here.

For one thing, The U.S. is a free country, a democracy. We have the right to make our own choices. We can shape our own Continue reading

The Irony of the Architect

Randall stepped into his apartment, glad to finally be finished with his conference. As an architect, Randall seemed to be constantly pressured to get everything right. That day, he had been charged with creating a large bridge with just the right design that would hold itself over the ocean area it was to go over without crumbling into the water. There are so many designs to choose from, thought Randall, and I have to pick the exact correct one on my first try!

Despite these grievances, Randall realized it made sense. Randall understood that he was the most respected architect in Continue reading

Do Aliens Exist? If So, What Are They Like?

Since the beginning of history, I believe, mankind has struggled with the question: Are we alone in the universe? I think that the plain answer to that question is an almost definite “no.” I do believe in aliens. However, I don’t believe in the little green men you see walking around in old cartoons! I think that alien life is quite different than our own. So it’s time to sit down and think of this – who else is there in the universe?

First of all, of course we aren’t alone in the universe! Think of it this way. How big is Continue reading

Kid Icarus: Uprising Review

The series of Kid Icarus games hasn’t had a game since 1991 with Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters. Now, finally, a new installment in the series called Kid Icarus: Uprising has finally come out – and it’s one of the best games I have ever played! The amazing amount of depth is matched by no 3DS game I’ve seen yet. Kid Icarus: Uprising was far from a disappointment. Let’s look into it, shall we?

The story takes place twenty-five years after the original game. Medusa, the main antagonist of the original, has been resurrected. Now Pit, the heroic flightless angel of Continue reading

Super Mario 3D Land Review

Super Mario Land 3DThe latest installment in the Mario series, this game adds a whole new dimension to Mario’s travels! Featuring the return of an old classic power-up, the Tanooki Leaf, as well as a brand new power-up known as the Boomerang Flower, this new game may be the best in the series! From the green, flowery expanse of the Mushroom Castle to the lava-filled, bone-littered grounds of Bowser’s castle, this game takes you on a grand adventure all around the Mushroom Kingdom!

The game starts when a ferocious storm blows off all the Tanooki Leaves from the Tanooki Tree. Seizing the opportunity, Bowser kidnaps Continue reading

My Favorite Teacher

My Favorite TeacherI like to believe that every student has his or her favorite teacher, and I am no exception. My favorite teacher is “Ms. T,” my science teacher. She is always kind and mellow, yet firm and makes sure that students know what they are doing. I dedicate this article to you, Ms. T.

First of all, Ms. T is sweet and mellow. I have met a lot of teachers who were mean and unkind to their students. Ms. T is nothing like that. She always shows us the utmost respect, no matter what. Ms. T treats us like individuals, and takes Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time II (fanfic) Part II

The news of my leaving town spread quickly in Kakariko Village, and by the time my parents were taking me out of the village, the villagers were lined up at the gate, cheering me on. Apparently, word somehow got out that I was going on a quest to stop Ganondorf (again), so they were cheering, “Go, Link!” “Put Ganon in his place!” and “We’re counting on you!” My neighbors are easily excitable.

Somehow, my parents had gotten their hands on a horse-drawn carriage, and soon, we were zooming through Hyrule Field toward Lon Lon Ranch. Even at our speed, though, the trip Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time II (fanfic) Part I

Legend Of Zelda“Navi, awaken.”

Groggily, the fairy sat up. “I’m awake. What do you need, Great Deku Tree?

The tree’s face was grim and serious. “I fear that an old evil is descending upon the land.”

“What do you…” Suddenly, Navi was wide awake. “Wait, you don’t mean…?“

“Yes. Ganondorf…”

There was something wrong. Zelda could sense it.

She rushed out of the castle, surprising all the guards. She ran through town, and nobody knew what was going on. What was wrong with the princess? Then they saw where she was running.

Zelda ran straight until she was standing Continue reading

So Cruel

Young Africans,
So free, so kind
Suddenly kidnapped,
No longer free of mind
So cruel, so cruel

They are taken away,
To be traded as property
They can tell now,
That they are no longer free
So cruel, so cruel

Traded to sailors,
Taken to the Middle Passage, now
Their old lives of freedom
Are nowhere to be found
So cruel, so cruel

So Cruel

Treated like animals
Creatures with no free will
They cannot do anything,
Not even eat their fill
So cruel, so cruel

Finally on land again,
Half dead, half barely alive
These poor men and women
Will never again strive
So cruel, so cruel

Taken to the market,
Sold as simple slaves,
Servants cruelly treated,
And home they truly crave
So cruel, so cruel

But these cravings will never Continue reading

How Important is School?

The answer: very, and for multiple reasons. Now if you’re sitting at home, shrugging this off, and thinking, “School isn’t that important,” then you are completely wrong. And the whole purpose of this article is to tell you why.

First, and most importantly, school gives you a great education. Say you wanted to be a doctor, but you didn’t even know how to read or write. Do you really think you’d get the job? The answer is no, and the answer will be the same in just about any line of work.

Now, I’m sure many of you are just saying, “Not Continue reading